T-Zero Physio was founded in 2016 in Denver, CO by Dr. Kevin DeGroot, PT, DPT, CAFS, Ironman Certified Coach. Originally it began as a “brick and mortar” physical therapy practice focusing on helping athletes recover from running and triathlon related injuries. Kevin quickly realized that there was a need for further training, education, and coaching focused on getting and staying healthy that was lacking in other programs that were being offered. This lead to launching a triathlon team in 2017. As needs and questions started to come up, it became apparent that transitioning to an online platform with a “team” based approach to coaching would be the most helpful for the athletes on the team. Kevin began bringing together a group of coaches from around the United States with specialties in all aspects of triathlon (Nutrition, psychology, swimming, cycling, running, transitions, exercise physiology, injury/recovery, and strength). With this collaboration in place, T-Zero now offers the most comprehensive coaching platform available focused on helping athletes get the most out of their training by being healthy.


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