We keep triathletes healthy so you can focus on PRs.



What you get!

Expert Coaching

Each coach specializes in one of the disciplines of triathlon- Swim, bike, run, nutrition, and psychology.

Strength Programs

Weekly strength programs (three new workouts a week) as well as an "intro to strength" program to help get you prepared for strength training.

Injury and Recovery

Self guided programs to help you recover from all major/common triathlon related injuries.

Coaching Calls

Live Q&A with coaches each month to get your training related questions answered by specialists in each discipline of triathlon. 

Online Resource

Growing database of educational videos on psychology, nutrition, swimming, cycling, running, transitions, strength, and recovery to help you get the most out of your training!

Discount from Sponsors

We have partnerships with several brands that provide discounts to our team members! 


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"I started working with T-Zero Physio in the summer of 2018 because I was training for a half Ironman and couldn't run more than 2 miles without pain. They helped me get back to enjoying running and I got through IM Waco 70.3 without any pain. Now I'm training for my first Ironman and am so excited!"

Jennifer L.
Since 2018

"I can't thank T-Zero Physio enough! I did my 1st Sprint Tri in 2016. The swim took me 30 mins to get through & the panic in open water was high! In 2017 I began training for my 1st 70.3 and started having IT band issues. Started working with T-Zero to get rid of those and on open water swimming. (I honestly did NOT think i could mentally do 1.2 mi swim. Kevin was patient and really encouraged me, I got through my 70.3 (time 59 mins) & was able to get past the "panic" somewhat... 2018's swim was a whole new game!!! I ACTUALLY had fun swimming, ZERO panic. (Completed the 1.2mi swim in 38mins) Lookout 2019!!! Its gonna be awesome!!!"

Stacey S.
Since 2017

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